Friday, 6 June 2014


LeeLoo was yet another one in a steady stream of abandoned soft miniatures, who was overnight taken out of security and warm embrace of her mother and left on the street. 

Unlike many others, LeeLoo was lucky, because in her brave wanderings she stumbled upon the good people.  Those kind of people who don`t look away from a small, confused and
frightened puppy that cannot survive on the streets and was just minutes away from a horrible and certain death under  wheels. 

Being barely month and a half old she already knew how awful can it be when you're alone, in the dark where no-one can hear your voice, how it hurts when you have to run really fast with your small puppy legs to get away from loud shouts and flying rocks. 

 Luckily for her she has also had a chance to learn about the kindness and softness human hands can offer.  Now LeeLoo is peacefully sleeping and dreaming beautiful dreams of just her home and her human, her own family. Help LeeLoo`s dreams come true.  She is really not asking that much?  She is now in a UK foster home waiting for her family.


Her foster carer says -

She is housetrained , not neutered yet, a bit wary of small children so would be better placed with over 8s.  Loves cats and gets on well with all four of mine.  Also gets on very well with the other three dogs.  She is good on and off the lead. She is a lovely friendly little girl who loves water and walks.#


Name: LeeLoo
Breed: crossbreed
Date of birth: July 2013
Sex: Female
Vaccinated: yes
Chipped: yes
Spayed: no (she is too young)
Location: UK foster home in Trowbridge
Ref: HR-DSV-LeeLoo-000055

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