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Medo is a handsome full breed Husky boy around 3 years of age. He has a very sad and typical story for this part of Europe. He was bought from a back yard breeder then probably when he got big (big as in full sized) and stopped being a fluffy toy he was given to a family that was very poor and didn't have an income so this dog was eating leftovers if there were any.

 So one day they decided to leave the house they were living in  and gave Medo to our volunteer as they said he was sick, that he threw up his food always and they didn't know what's wrong with him.

 The thing was the dog was severely under weight and full of inner parasites and flies, ticks and had wounds all over the body including ears which were full of wounds caused by  flies from the bad conditions in which he lived.

Medo gained weight, we got rid of the parasites, the wounds healed. He gets along well with other dogs, males too as long as they don't push him or try to dominate. He gets along with cats too, he plays with them very gently, also he is not chicken aggressive. He is a nice, loyal, highly intelligent, singing doggie who needs his forever home, walks and cuddles.

Medo is such a wonderful family pet in his foster, he gets along with goats, chickens, geese and cats.

Although Medo is great with other the animals in his foster home he is still a typical husky and needs firm and consistent  handling;  he needs to know someone is in charge and understand his boundaries.  Medo is not accepting of, and will try to catch, cats that are outside his family.  He is not getting on with the only other male dog in his foster home, who is grumpy, and they have to be kept apart.  He does get on well with an equally grumpy bitch.  He has had fights with other males as he has responded to aggression with aggression.  The Pekingese from the house next door is tormenting him by provoking from the other side of the door and he would like to get at it.  Medo needs a family experienced with Huskies and strong willed dogs who are prepared to put the time in with training, and to be firm and clear about what is acceptable.  With the right sort of gradual exposure and training Medo may learn to see new cats as family but he could not walk straight into house with cats or aggressive small dogs safely.  Like most Huskies Medo is independent and not willing to comply with every command but is trainable with food.  Walking on the lead and re-call need work and he will escape if he gets the chance.  Medo sometimes rolls over to be petted by children and sometimes ignores them so would not be suitable for a family with young children or even older children who may push him to interact when unwilling.  This may be Husky aloofness until they are familiar but only older, dog savvy, children would be advisable.

Name: Medo
Age: 3 Years
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Ref: Adriana Popovic

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