Friday, 6 June 2014


Hercules is an amazing dog, he loves everything and everyone and is always enthusiastic and full of energy.  He adores people, dogs and cats and a cuddle.  

He would be best suited to a country and active or sporty home where he would get a lot of exercise and be able to join in activities.  If you would like a companion for hiking, running, mountain biking or horse riding, he is the dog for you.  He would happily do fly-ball, agility, cani-cross or dog sledding as just wants to run and have fun with you.  He is always ready to play.  Hercules is also a really beautiful boy who is like a flat coat retriever, but one with hybrid vigour, without the cancer.

After being found as a two months old pup in a cardboard box by a busy road and spending his entire life being shuffled from one kennel to another, never getting an enquiry for adoption, he really deserves a chance and a loving family or person. He will pay that commitment back many times and be the best companion.

Name: Hercules
Gender: male
Breed: retriever mix

Born: May 2012
Vacc./chipped: yes
Neutered: yes

Location: Da sapu! Vukovar shelter in Vukovar

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