Friday, 6 June 2014


This is Billy, the most wonderful gentle Lab cross you could ever wish to meet. This poor young dog was found tide to the back of an old abandoned truck in the middle of nowhere in Cyrpus. He literally was left by some cruel vile person to starve to death and dehydrate in the searing sunshine. 
It was purely luck that he was spotted and our wonderful network of rescuers stepped into action and immediately went to his rescue. 
When he was found, he really was a bag of bones, and obviously had suffered at the hands of some barbaric human that he would have once called his master. What is utterly incredible is despite the brutality this dog has been forced to endure, the abandonment and cruelty he still adores humans and wants nothing more than a cuddle and fuss.
As soon as he was rescued he was taken into foster care, received a full medical check up and when was ready to travel was flown by our charity to the UK where he would never have to face such cruelty again.
Billy is currently in kennels in Staffordshire, he is such a bright and loving dog , he hates being away from humans and is visibly sad when he is taken back to his kennels after his fuss and exercise.
This poor dog has gone through so very much, yet asks so little of the people around him. He is so forgiving and full of love, all he needs is that special family to be part of, to care for him, to love him as much as he will love them.
Billy is great with other dogs and loves humans in all shapes, sizes and ages. We have not yet cat tested him so would advise against a home with a non-savvy cat as part of the household.
Personality:   Billy loves to play with everyone!  A happy camper!   He gets along with other dogs and good with children too.

Please, if you can offer this incredible boy a loving home, contact our charity today and we will organise for you to come and meet Billy, even bring your own dog and family along to see if they will be good companions to each other.
Name:  Billy
Age: 2 yrs old
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix
Colour: Black
Location: Staffordshire

Length : 94cm 
Height: 75cm
Weight: abt 22kg
Microchipped: Yes
Any Disabilities or special needs?: NO- not as far as we or the vets are aware
Fully Vaccinated?: YES
Anti Rabies?: YES
Deflead: YES
Dewored?: YES
Has EU Pet Passport?:YES
Sterilised: YES
Good with Adults?: YES
Good with Kids?: YES
Good with dogs?:YES
Good with Cats?: UNKNOWN


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