Friday, 6 June 2014


This boy is well known to us and we believed that he had his home as he was adopted from
Da Sapu! Vukovar.  But, you see, he doesn't have a home anymore. We won't go into the
reasons 'cause they are always the same and we're kinda tired of them, but we have to add that he was given back full of fleas and skinny.  Sometimes we're out of the inspiration for these captions and this is one of these times.
  This is Rem, small furry dog with most adorable eyes that are always looking so surprised.

He doesn't ask for much, a loving home with lovely people is all he needs. He's OK with other dogs and good with cats.  Walking on a leash isn't a problem and he's also house-trained. 

He wants someone who knows how to appreciate the love he can give and we believe he'll find that one special person. 

Rem as a puppy.

Name: Rem
Birth: October 2011.
Gender: Male
Breed: Half breed
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes
Location:  Da Sapu! Vukovar shelter

Ref: HR-DSV-Rem-000018


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