Friday, 6 June 2014


 Little Cyde was rescued when he was about 6-8 weeks old and he has been in the care of local organization Animal Protection Association Seven of Nine since then.  He was found with his sister Bonnie tied to a tree.  There was a man collecting money for them and after he collected the money he left them.

In the past two months his carer had two inquiries for him, both were for yard guarding.  In Croatia, these means the unlucky dog would be chained under a piece of old furniture for the rest of their life.  Clyde is not a guard dog, he is a couch dog.  He likes the company of people, he likes being cuddled and being safe and warm.   He likes playing with cats and when they get bored of him he gets cat slapped.

Clyde 3 and a half months old (give or take a week or so)
he will be a bigger dog at around 30 kg.  The vet was sure he is part German Shepherd.


Clyde is a lovely dog who is very fond of people and needs a family to grow up in.  He has been de-wormed, and freed of ticks and fleas, he has been vaccinated and he is used to living in a flat with another dog and cats so is ready to slot into any type of home.

 So if you are looking for a loyal, cuddly dog he is the perfect choice for you. He really needs his family and deserves a home.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch about this gorgeous boy, he will make a wonderful family member.

Ready to travel.
Too young to neuter at present.
AAFA ref: HR-APASN-000010


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