Friday, 6 June 2014


This is Rasta a terrified little boy found on the streets, he if frightened of every one including the puppy he shares his kennel with. He has no idea what so ever how to play yet he has shown no aggression either.

He was abandoned on the streets to fend for himself,he was terrified of every body and every thing on the streets, he was probably abused in the time he spent there. He was very very skinny and his fur just hung in dreads, hence his name.

finally he was caught and taken to a shelter to be cared for, he was even too frightened to eat, but he is slowly gaining more confidence and trust of the people around him.. A family with experienced of abused dogs would be better for this little boy. A family with understanding of how long it can take for these dogs to gain trust and confidence. He has the makings of a loving boy he just needs the time and patience to let this happen.

If you have had experience with dogs like Rasta then please offer this lovely boy a home.

He wil be fully vaccinated to legal requiremnts for travel
EU pass port


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