Friday, 6 June 2014


Rescued from a shelter in Romania. It is a hard harsh life for stray or unwanted dogs in Romania, many just thrown on to the streets to fend for them selves. Facing starvation, beatings, being killed or seriously injured from traffic, then there is the very harsh winters, if they survive that they at least stand some stand of a life. The lucky ones end up in a shelter where they at least get some interaction with people and manage to get some love and attention.

Snoopy in his foster home, getting all the love and attention he wants. He shares his home with a few other foster pups and cats. He gets along really well with all of them, even though he does look some what disgruntled when the pups are climbing all over him, though he will allow them the snuggle into him when they eventually decide to sleep !! He was guarding his food dish, but that is improving as he is now getting used to regular meals.He is a little fussy when it comes to food, but he does love cocktail sausages, he is easily bribed with those. He does like his fresh chicken and rice.

Snoopy does like his crate as a den and is more than happy to share it with the pups as you can see.Snoopy would be an ideal companion for and older couple or some one on their own, he has no interest in being trained he just likes to plod along. He walks well on a long lead, though his recall has not been tested yet but he does just seem to enjoy a gentle stroll and he does not pull on the lead. He has settled in really well, and so far no accidents in the house. He is an adorable, guiet , placid boy. Snoopy can not be fed before travelling in a car as he will become nauseous and vomit, so plenty of stops if he needs to go on a long journey, he also needs a little help climbing into a car.
apart from that he is just the perfect gentleman and a wonderful dog.

Snoopy is:
EU passport.

REF:AAFA   Any potential adopter can be put intouch with Snoopy's foster mum.

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