Friday, 6 June 2014


Ferdinand was rescued from the streets of Romania, having to fend himself, every day risking being beaten, killed, tortured having to fight for food. Never knowing what a loving home could be like, having some one to care for him, to show him the love he deserves.  All that has changed now, Ferdinand is safe in a foster home in the UK.

Ferdinand in his foster home, looking for his forever home. He is a lovely boy and deserves a family life. He would suit an active family as he loves to be out and about and involved in things.  He does not like to be left and would love to go to work with someone.

His foster carer says -

 Ferdi is an amazing bright little boy who excels at Agility. He can have aggression issues with other dogs in the home but not outside. This happens very rarely but people need to be aware. He isn't great with cats but usually loses out on that run in as well!! He is loving, super smart but really needs someone to bring the best out in him, he loves Agility, he is very treat driven which helps. He needs a home with someone who can challenge his ability and get the very best out of him. No one at the Agility class could believe he hadn't done this before. He is one very special little dog  who loves to work and be with you.

Ferdinand having a snooze after a hard day.

Playing tug with one of the dogs he lives with in foster.

Ferdinand is -

Fully vaccinated
EU passport

If you can offer this lovely boy a home, please contact us or a meeting with him can be arranged via his foster carer - or 07860725236.  

He would love an active home either doing agility or with another playful dog and an owner who is around most of the time.


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