Friday, 6 June 2014


This very handsome young man is Pinder. Pinder had one of the hardest starts in life, being born on the streets of Croatia. On the streets there is very little shelter and even less food. Pinders' mother will have scavenged for as much to eat as possible, but if she couldn't get enough, her milk would not have been nourishing enough .. and at these times Pinder would have gone very hungry himself. They lived near a rubbish dump which was their main source of any meagre pickings they could find however It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Pinder would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. He would have also known the pain and fear of being attacked himself as we know because he still has some slight scarring on his legs from where he was fought off the morsels he had found.

Things got a lot better for them however when a lovely lady from a local rescue found them and took them to her rescue shelter. Life still wasn't a 'walk in the park' as food is always in short supply in shelters such as this, depending as they do on donations. But, there they got treated for ticks and fleas that made them so uncomfortable and for their wounds from their encounters while living as strays. Here also they were given love and affection and the care they needed to start healing again physically and mentally.

A few weeks ago life changed in the best way for Pinder when he was brought over to this country and into a foster home. And, to say he is enjoying the high life would be the understatement of the year. Despite all that has happened to him this little boy just adores company .. he loves to play but also loves his fusses and his favourite place is next to his foster parents fast asleep having being fussed over as he dozes off. A word of warning though .. he does seem to have an attraction to feet, so socks and slippers are always advisable to stop toes being nibbled .. but never in a manner that causes pain !!

Pinder is fine with other dogs and with cats, and has a never ending supply of love to give. He now needs a forever home to share that love and to have a place he can call home for the rest of his life. His foster carers adore him and he adores them, but as always a home for life is now the next big, and most important step for this lovely, handsome young man.

Name: Pinder
Gender: Male 

Age: 6 months
Birth: 01.02.2013.
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Neutered: Yes

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