Friday, 6 June 2014


My name is Zelko (Whishy) I did have a home, but as is always the way in Croatia my owners no longer wanted me, so I was thrown out like a piece of trash. This is where I am living now.I wandered into veterinary practice and a kind lady took me in.

I know it may not be idea having to be on a long chain, but i do not mind too much as the lady does not want me wandering on to the streets and getting killed by other dogs, people or hurt by traffic. i have a little wooden house to sleep in, it is a bit cold and draughty, but still better than having no where to sleep and I get fed every day, not like the poor street dogs who have to fight for food and search for it.

I really would like a home of my own, my lady friend is very good to me but she struggles financially but does her best to make sure I am fed and kept safe. I am very good at giving a paw, for a fact i will give you too and will sit when I am asked to. I love to go for walks and I am rather well behaved on the leash.

Unfortunately I do not get along well with cats and other domestic animals, but I do try to get on with other dogs, I do quite like humans, especially the kind ones, my lady who looks after me says I am a very kind and gentle but she does not know how I would be with young children as I have only know the bigger humans. I just want a loving home and some one to love me and I will give lots of love back in return.

Zeljko will be :

EU passport

once he is adopted.


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