Friday, 6 June 2014


Introducing this wonderful young dog called Ralph. He was rescued from death row in Croatia, a country where animals are considered to be done with what you want to, strays are deemed vermin. The abuse, cruelty and lack of empathy for the animals by the majority there is horrific.

Dogs like Ralph find themselves through no fault of there own, at the mercy of the humans there as without begging for scraps of food etc they would die as many do from starvation. This means that time and time again they have to take the chance of approaching a human or entering a human area and risk being beaten with sticks, kicked, punched or even worse. This is Croatia so yes there is worse, much much worse.

From an early age Ralph would have learned that he needed to use his little puppy legs to run from bricks and stones being hurled at him, being screamed at, spit at, chased away from shop doorways where he was just trying to keep warm away from the snow or to find shelter away from the blistering heat.

Many dogs end up on the end of a dogcatchers catch pole, made of hard metal and a loop of wire that they use to tighten around the neck of the dogs be them large, small, adult or tiny puppies. Then they make the terrible journey to the death camps.

These places normally are where dogs are kept for 60 days, for much of the time the kennels are overcrowded, mixed with both genders be them sterilised or not. Puppies with more aggressive dogs and so on.

We are very lucky, though the majority of death camps are like this, Ralph found himself in one of the few death camps where the staff actually do care for the animals. They are limited on what they can do as money is sparse, yes they are over crowded but they do try to separate the small from the large dogs, males from the females and so on. They cannot do this all the time as just too many dogs every day are brought in.

However in this death camp the manager tries so very hard to find homes for the dogs, but this is Croatia, most of these dogs are not wanted, they are the forgotten dogs of a country who would rather they were dead. That's where we come in, our charity network and collaborate with the non profit groups out there, working together to bring hope into a country where the strays until now had little.

Though the manager tries his very best, he is still bound to the legal system there, after 60 days the dogs MUST be killed. he will draw this out as long as possible to give the dogs a chance of finding a home or for our charity to help them.

Ralph was one of these dogs that we helped. He was fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and was made ready to travel.

When he had undergone his quarantine time he was brought to the UK under our charity and is currently in Staffordshire in a private kennels we use.

Ralph is truly the most affectionate, lovable young dog you could ever wish to meet. He gets along with other dogs as long as they get along with him and absolutely, we mean absolutely adores human attention.
It is heartbreaking when we put him back in his kennel to see his face looking at you, he just wants to come home with us. Kennels no matter how nice it is, is not home. A cage is a cage to Ralph.

Please give this sweet boy a chance and let him become part of your family. He is a fast learner, eager to please and just wants so badly to be loved and have a family to call his own.

The Croatian Sheepdog is perfect for agility, they are loyal, loving and adore there pack be them dogs or humans. See this link for more on Croatian Sheepdogs Click here to learn more about the breed

If you could offer this incredible beautiful young dog a home please contact our charity as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to come along and meet Ralph, to bring your own furry family members along to see they all get along, to make sure he is right for your family and that you are right for him.

Ralph is:
Full Vaccinated
Has full EU Pet Passport


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