Friday, 6 June 2014


It is hard to believe when you look at these photos of anyone wanting to hurt this puppy and her siblings but this is exactly what happened. 

Born on the streets from a mother who was owned by a family but thrown out to have her puppies in the cruel streets of Bulgaria. It must have been terrifying for these little pups, only then 8 weeks of age trying to run away with their teeny puppy legs as fast as they could from the gang of boys chasing them.  The poor pups were cornered in an alleyway and caught each pup and tied some string around there necks ready to hang them literally on a tree nearby. The puppies crimes? They were simply born into a country where strays are deemed vermin to abuse, to torture and to kill. Thousands of pups just like Abby and her sisters end up on such trees, in such situations. 

However that day whether it was fate, a helping hand from a higher power, who knows....What is important is that a rescuer from one of our Bulgarian Network of Non profit groups was passing that alleyway and heard the terrible screams and futile little barks from the pups as each one had a noose tied around its neck. She saw what those vile excuses of human beings were attempting to do and ran into the alleyway screaming at the gang of boys causing such a commotion that people started noticing and thankfully one by one she carried the pups into her car just parked a little way away whilst some people who came to who they thought her aid watched over the pups incase the gang returned.

All four of the pups were brought to the UK after undergoing quarantine period and being fully inoculated , two  ( Valeria and Daria) both have been adopted but Abby and her other sister still are looking for their forever homes.

Here is more about Abby from her foster carer:

"Abby is doing lovely she's playing now always play fighting with my cat they love each other she's putting weight on lovely she's comes to me when I call her,she's great with my kids doing really well with house training she's just a little star

She loves playing with my cat and the dogs and she loves socks as well, she's still a litte afraid of the lead so would advise a harness for her.  Abby loves cuddles and kisses, she's house trained ,takes her food nicely from your hand. Quite simply she is just amazing girl very friendly and very kid friendly as I have a 3, 7 and a 8 year old"

This little girl has been through so very much, if you could offer this sweet puppy a loving home where she will only every know love and kindness please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Abby  is:
  • Microchipped
  • Fully vaccinated ( Including anti rabies)
  • Dewormed
  • Deflead
  • Has her very own EU Pet Passport
  • Due to age she is not yet sterilised but is part of our charities contract that the adopter MUST get her sterilised as soon as a vet agrees she is old enough. AAFA will provide £25 towards this when the time comes.

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