Friday, 6 June 2014


This lovely young man is called Dash. Dash lived for some time on the streets of Croatia, probably born there or thrown out at a very young age. Life on the streets is horrific especially for a very young dog as food, water and shelter are in short supply and the younger dogs are bullied by the bigger dogs. There are often ferocious fights which can be fatal and Dash would have seen and heard these terrifying battles and was probably bullied himself by the older and stronger dogs on the street.

Eventually Dash was picked up by dog catchers and taken to the public shelter. Sadly although Dash was off the streets his life would have been no better. In the shelter there are many dogs in the same kennel and again some are much bigger than Dash. Food is still limited so Dash would have still seen and heard many battles and would have been lucky to get scraps left behind. Also of course, with the over crowding many fights break out for dominance and Dash will have seen and heard these and very possibly been attacked himself. In addition, once dogs are in the public shelter they have a time limit on how long they will be kept for adoption or foster and if, after that date, no-one has saved them they are put to sleep. Dash was due to be put to sleep on the 3rd of February this year, but luckily for him he was saved at the 11th hour.

A couple of days before his death date a family from the UK sponsored Dash to come to them for foster. He was brought over and surprised everybody with how sociable he was with them and their dogs. Despite all the hardships he had faced he just seemed genuinely happy to be amongst people and dogs in a home environment. He was of course a little nervous and disorientated at first but a day or so of gentle words and patience made all the difference and he took to his new life like a duck to water.

Now Dash is as if he has always been there .. after just a few weeks. He has shown no signs at all of aggression and adores fusses and cuddles. In their words 'he is a big cuddly teddy bear'. He would suit somewhere with a fair size garden and because of his age and size will need very regular excersise. Dash now needs a forever home, where he can settle and enjoy the love and care he deserves for the rest of his days.


Vaccinated: yes
Neutered: yes
Treated for fleas and worms: yes
Microchipped: yes
EU passport: yes

Age: 17 months
Weight:  14kg
Located: Foster in UK

Ref: HR-VSBM-Dash-000052

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