Saturday, 7 June 2014


Rea is a small, loving and sweet girl who whose time was up in the pound on 27.4.14Stray and abandoned dogs in Croatia are often brutally treated and abused. In Reas case it is clearly obvious life on the streets and in the killing station as an unsterlised female meant she was attacked and worse by more than one male dog at a time, most likely over and over. 

A life on the streets is a miserable existence with the danger of starvation, being run down by cars (frequently deliberately), violence at the hands of people or other dogs and suffering due to disease and lack of treatment but the dog who is picked up and taken to the pound has only 60 days and then by Croatian law they must be killed. 

However, we are fortunate enough in this kill shelter to have had a resident vet who is also the manager as part of our network of animal rescuers.  He tries to get the dogs adopted and extends their time to do so. Rea was lucky as she came to a UK foster home to look for her family, however because of her traumatic past with male dogs she was terrified there and so is right now in emergency foster.

Rea truly is such a sweet natured dog, but because of the fear from the streets and shelter she is also very fearful and acts out of that fear towards dogs who jump all over her etc.

Because of the brutality she is also very reserved of males and does take a shine to them if not pushed.

The perfect family for Rea would be an all female household, or at the very least a male who understands it takes time to build trust with a dog who has been through so very much, and Rea does want to try so hard..You can see this in her, but she is far more confident and gravitates towards the females in the house.

Though she has not yet gone for her emergency fosters cats, we would not recommend a household with a resident cat or small children. 

This poor sweet dog has been through so much horror yet all she wants is fuss and love from those around her.

She needs to be given this chance and NOT to be let down again by humans.

Vaccinated: YES
Neutered: YES
Treated for fleas and worms: YES
Microchipped: YES
EU passport: YES

DEFRA Compliant: YES
Weight: 17 kg
Age: 3
Located: UK foster home in Stoke on Trent
Ref: HR-VSBM-Rea-000125

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