Friday, 6 June 2014


 “I’ll be your suuunshiine, your only sunshiiine, I’ll make you
haaaaapyy….”  Hello, I’m little Miss Sunshine.  


Since I was born, I lived with a local gypsy alcoholic, until now. They kind of stole me and ran away with me. 


Then they saw my little broken leg.
When I was younger, the guy I lived with ran over me with his bike and he didn’t take me to the vet so my leg grew back not so nicely. It’s not like I can’t live like that, but it’s hard to walk and a bit painful.


Aside that, I’m happy as one puppy can be.After all, I’m little Miss Sunshine and…
”I’ll make you haaaaapyy when skies are greeeey, you’ll never know dear how much I’ll looove you, please consider aaadoopting

Name: Sunshine
Gender: Female
Breed: Chocolate lab mix
Birth: cca June 2013.
Vacc./chipped: Soon to be
Spayed: No (too young)

Location:  Da Sapu! Vukovar shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Sunshine-000026



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