Friday, 6 June 2014


In  the UK 
This loving young boy  had been in a  public shelter from August 2012 untill he came to the UK  6 weeks ago  , he is from Romania considering the situation he was living in he is a very loving boy he does only have one eye due to an infection when he was  first  in the public  romanian shelter  it dosnt effect how he is at all , he gets on well with the fosters 2 other rescue dogs, he loves to have cuddles and a fuss, he is also very calm, he is housetrained, he has also had a very positive  impact on the foster carers two other  romanian rescues

He barks at visitors to the home but is non aggressive or territorial,he is not food aggressive he knows hes name and when on walks he loves chasing squirrels, he walks great on the lead , hes recall  is a bit selective if he is chasing squirrels  , he is  puppy like so must have been very young when going into the shelter, so he is very bouncy , he is unfazed by any strange noises

He is looking for a home that can bring out the very best in him, he was very sick  for a while when rescued but he was nursed back to health and the foster carers vet has said he has  the heart of a racehorse
He is looking for a home that can give him all the time and love he needs and in return he will  give much love back
If you can give this Gorgeous boy a chance of a forever home then please get in touch

Name- Wolf
Sex- Male
Age- 2/3 yrs
Vaccinated- yes


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