Friday, 6 June 2014


Little Trisha, with her shiny silky black fur, and curly tail is the daughter of a dog called Sophie, who had her pups on the street and managed to keep them alive just long enough for them all to be rescued. It would have been very hard for them on the street as Sophie will have struggled to get enough food for herself to make her milk plentiful and nutritional enough for her pups. However, luckily they were found and rescued in time and Trisha's memory will not be filled with times of hardship from her early days.

For a short time Trisha and her brothers were separated from their mother, but they were soon reunited when they were all found and so she was able to spend her early puppyhood as all pups should .. with their family !

With her cute looks, and very playful behaviour .. with just the right mix of gentleness and affection, we think she is very hard to resist !

Sophie, her mother, is now in safe foster in the UK, brought over a short time ago. Trisha and her brother sadly had to stay behind as they were too young to travel, but everyone knew that their best chance of a happy life was to eventually come over here into a forever home. And finally the time has come when they are old enough for this dream to become a reality.

With Trisha being so young she will adapt quickly and easily into a home environment and will flourish into a wonderful, loving (and sometimes cheeky) companion for a lucky family. Because she is so young this is also a great time for her to find her forever home and get the stability she needs to become a happy and relaxed dog in the future.

Name: Trisha
Gender: Female
Birth: December 2013
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Spayed: No (too young)

Location: local rescue Da Sapu! Vukovar's foster home
Ref: HR-DSV-Trisha-000133


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