Friday, 6 June 2014


This tiny 4 month old puppy is the sole survivor of her litter of siblings who came with her into the pound but didn't make it.  They were very young so this little girl has been bottle fed.   She desperately needs a new home as is such a small pup and is on death row in the pound.  The dogs only have sixty days to find a home before they can be killed.  If the pound is over crowded then extensions can't be given to the death date so she may have struggled to survive for only a short while.

She is lucky to be alive as none of the puppies would have survived on the street.  The street is no place to grow up even if she had survived puppy hood as dogs are killed, abused, deliberately run over and left to suffer.


She has a lovely, sweet nature and will be small sized when fully grown.  If you can offer this little puppy a home don't hesitate to get in touch.  She is ready to travel and could be with you soon while still such a baby.

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