Friday, 6 June 2014


Mindy came from Croatia. Her mother was found on the streets while expecting the pups and Mindy and her siblings were born in the safety of the shelter. Sadly her mother was too weak to bring them up so Mindy and her sister were brought up in a foster home with a lovely lady from the Croatian rescue who bottle fed them cared for them and got them ready and fit to come across to the Uk

She was adopted and was a fantastic dog. Despite her size she is very very loving and enjoys nothing more than big cuddles. Due to the  character of these dogs however she does protect her property and pack very closely so anyone adopting her needs to be aware that introductions to new people coming into the home have to be done slowly and sensibly.
The adoption fell through due to a change in circumstances but since being in foster she has continued to be a loving companion. She is fine with other dogs in the home however is quite boisterous so a home with a large dog is better if there is another dog there. We would suggest no children under 13 years of age just because of her size and playful manner as younger children could be injured by her by accident in play.

She is good on the leader and off but when she moves on she will take time to start to respond to recall so it is best to take time with this. She needs a very active family and a home with a big garden due to her size and energy.

Sex = Female
Age = 14 Months
Spayed= Yes


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