Friday, 6 June 2014


When we went to pick Sara up, what saddened us was the fact that we almost didn’t see her. She was laying in front of the store totally blended with it's wall. What should’ve been soft white fur is actually grey because of the dirt, her appearance is sad and scared and her teeth worn out probably from chewing on a fence or bars just to run away from the hell she was in. 

But still, when we got out of the car and called her, she approached happily to receive a little of love. What she didn’t know is, we weren’t there to give her a little love but to give her all the love she deserves.  

So we put her in the car and drove her away from this ugly village, people and memories. She’s safe now and from that safe place she’s looking for her forever home she won’t wish to run away from.

Name: Sara
Gender: Female
Breed: Retriever
Birth: cca December 2011
Vacc./chipped: Soon to be
Soon to be
Location: Za šapu! Vukovar shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Sara-000017


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