Friday, 6 June 2014


This Laura, she originally was rescued from a killing station in Eastern Europe where what she saw, had to go through would be nothing you can liken to the UK.

Laura is now in Staffordshire being cared for in a wonderful kennels our charity uses, as well as the caring staff our dogs also have volunteers that visit regularly to walk, socialise and give them all the love and attention they need.

She is approx 5 years of age, but bounds around like a puppy. She is such a wonderful dog who deserves so much more than she has had and now needs that forever home to show her how a dog really is part of the family and not just something that can be used and thrown away.

When she first came to us we were a little concerned as she would growl when anyone went to touch her around the face or jaw area. Our volunteer spotted a broken tooth and we immediately took her to the vets where it was removed. It appears that as well as having to face starvation over there she had also suffered blunt force trauma to her mouth, hence the tooth breaking as it had. The pain had to have been insufferable that she had to endure for whatever amount of time. But now that is all fixed she is very much a happy chappy and her confidence and trust in humans is coming back in leaps and bounds.

She gets along with other dogs, however we are not sure about cats as there are none at the kennels. Big humans and Small humans she does get along well with and enjoys the interaction.

There has been an instance when someone new who she had never met was stroking her and she growled at them, not biting just a growl. In dogs like her that have gone through so very much it can happen that a person can trigger memories in that dog of previous abuse etc. This we believe was the case when this happened.

She really does need to be given a chance of a loving home, with a family that is used to rescue dogs and understands that these animals do make the most amazing and loyal companions but also that trust needs to be earned and is willing to give Laura her space and time to allow her to see that not all humans want to hurt, beat and abuse her.

Please do contact us if you are interested in adopting this wonderful dog, you can come and meet her, bring your own dogs and your family, get to know Laura, take her for a walk, play with her in the paddock.

We are sure you will as we have, will fall in love with Laura and will want her as part of your family

Laura is:
Fully Vaccinated ( inc anti rabies)
Has EU Pet Passport

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