Friday, 6 June 2014


Zara is the most sweetest dog you could ever wish to meet. She adores human company and gets along very well with other dogs.

She was rescued originally from a killing station in Croatia, a place no dog would ever want to end up! Dogs actually stand more chance of survival on the street facing abuse and cruelty every day than they do in these shelters because in such places  dogs are forced into kennels with 20 or more others regardless of gender, age, health or temperament. Food if they are fed anything at all is thrown on the floor as the shelter workers delight in seeing the stronger more aggressive dogs fight for the few grains of biscuit on a filth ridden floor.

The weaker or less aggressive dogs cower in the corners of the kennel as sometime when starvation takes over they will be become the more aggressive, desperate dogs dinner. Zara was in such a killing station, she suffered so badly there at the hands of the shelter workers and what she witnessed. It is a testament to her character that she is willing to trust people still.

She is now safe, healthy and cared for at a private kennels we use in the UK.

Zara gets along fine with other dogs and also people. We do not know how she gets along with cats or small children so a cat free and small kiddy free home is advised.

Zara is:
Fully Vaccinated
Has Full EU Pet passport

This wonderful sweet girl needs her very own forever home, where her family will understand she needs her own space to chill, to relax. Somewhere where people will treat her with kindness and love.

If you are that family/person please contact our charity as soon as possible

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