Friday, 6 June 2014


This is Temple, truly the most loveliest little dog you could ever wish to meet. 

When one of our trustees was visiting Romania on charity business to negotiate the release with the local government of  captured dogs from one of the most horrific killing stations in that country.  One evening she, along with a local Non profit group in that area sat outside a restaurant having a coffee. The weather was dreadful, the rain was beating down on the pavement so very hard that those on the street outside were rushing to get under cover.

Then this little skeletal little dog came up to the restaurant door and sat there on her hind legs with her little front paws up in the air begging for some show of human kindness, a scrap of bread, anything to stop the hunger. Her fur drenched through stuck to her bones and she was so cold her bodied shivered from the cold. As our trustee Kendra was about to get up and go to her, the restaurant staff came screaming out of the doorway towards the dog with towels in there hands ready to whip this pitiful little girl. All this sweet little dog wanted was something to eat.

Kendra jumped up and started arguing with the staff, utterly disgusted at there inhumane treatment of this dogs plight and lack of empathy of her situation. The little dog though terrified of the staffs screams at her had stopped and sat on the pavement a little way from the doorway watching on.

With that Kendra went back to her parties table and grabbed some bread rolls from the basket and walked slowly towards this little dog. Though nervous, Temple ( as she is now called) edged forward, her hunger forcing her to overcome her fear. She was fed little by little until she realised this was one human no animal, no stray should ever fear.

When Temple was relaxed enough to enjoy not just the bread but the fusses she was getting, Kendra scooped her up and put her in the back of the car that was parked just outside of the restaurant. There was no way she was going to leave this sweet little dog to the most awful future that would have faced her, that faces millions of strays across Europe every day of their existence.

After coffee and dinner Temple was drove back to the NGO's little animal shelter and this is where she has stayed, being cared for and fed ready to make the biggest journey of her life. This journey however was to bring her to safety, to meet that person who on a terrible rainy night in Craiova, Romania rescued her from the most awful existences, the very person who bent down in the rain to feed a little dog, who then would bring her to safety and we hope, make Temples dreams come true.

Temple is an amazing , sweet little dog. She is so eager to please. She adores human attention, gets along with other dogs and also tolerates cats. Please, open your heart to this young girl and complete the rescue of her that begun many months ago in Romania by our charity, give her that perfect forever home that every dog deserves, that Temple deserves.

Temple is:
Full Vaccinated
Has a Full EU Pet Passport

Ref: Temple/AAFA/Staffs

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