Friday, 6 June 2014


This gorgeous girl is Rose and despite her hardships she is gentle and loves people. It is a real testament to her character that she can still feel this way having been treated as badly as she was.


Rose was bought as a puppy by a gypsy family who wanted her because she was a purebred Sarplaninac. She was bought purely as a guard dog and not seen as a living breathing animal but an object to make a statement. Rose spent her time being fed on nothing but bread and garbage ad even that was in short supply. They also kept her tied by a rope tied tightly around her neck to a shed door so she had no scope to run and exercise in the way a dog like her needs.

Because of this Rose did not grow to her full expected size and was not as strong as she should have been. The owners spent no time with her and apart from throwing her the odd bit of left over food they pretty much ignored her. While she was tied to the shed many vicious stray dogs mated with her. Often she was hurt in these 'attacks' but as she was tied up so tightly she could not protect herself.

As a result of this Rose had 6 pups. The family did not chain them up so they roamed around in constant danger from vehicles, people and other bigger dogs. Despite her own terrible state, Rose managed to feed these pups and keep them as safe as possible, her maternal instinct being stronger than anyone could believe possible. However after a couple of months things were looking desperate. Rose had no milk left and hardly any physical strength in her.

But, just as everything seemed hopeless a rescuer went to the hell hole she was living in and arranged the rescue of her and her pups.Saved by this wonderful lady, they were taken to a safe haven. Life still wasn't great, food was still scarce although the people caring for them did their best, but at least they were all safe.

During this time Rose and her pups were given treatments for the worms and ticks that were making them so ill and uncomfortable. They were also all vaccinated to stop them becoming ill having come this far. With a lot of love, food, warmth and a feeling of safety and security they all started to improve in body and spirit.

Rose and her pups had their lives changed forever a few months later when some lovely foster carers from the UK offered to take them in. At first only the pups could come because Rose had not yet been well enough to be spayed. Her pups have now all been adopted and Rose is now in the UK in a foster home where she is experiencing the 'better' things in life and loving every minute of it !!

Personality and behaviour wise it is very easy to describe Rose .. she is incredibly loving, loves human contact whether play or cuddles and her favourite pastime is lying on her back having her tummy tickled. However, she needs an active family and a house with a large enough garden as when she decides it is time to play she has so much energy and really loves to throw herself into it. She is great with other dogs as well.

Rose is happy and her foster carers adore her .. but she does need a special forever home now. She needs a family to call her own and a home she can feel secure and loved in, for the rest of her life.

Rose is
and has a full passport

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