Friday, 6 June 2014


This beautiful girl survived the horror of the streets of Croatia, starvation, beatings, torture and constantly fighting to survive.

Her luck changed when she was adopted and brought to the UK in June. Sadly she is now back up for re-homing through no fault of her own as her current owner has health problems and can not give Bella what she needs for much longer.

Bella goes to puppy classes, is taken for walks regularly by a professional dog walker and is well behaved on the lead. Bella needs to be somewhere where she can be allowed to run free because of where she is she cannot be let off the lead very often as she does have the chase instinct although this is improving as she is gradually starting to settle down.

Bella is great with other dogs, adores human company and her cuddles. She is a very loving girl. She has shown no aggression towards cats, more of curious interest in them.

We have a month to get this lovely girl into a new home or foster as her owner may have to go into sheltered housing. Her owner is distraught at the fact she has to give up Bella as she has been a wonderful companion and friend.

Please offer this girl a new home, she is very good in the home, has not destroyed anything at all, and is clean in the house. She would make a lovely family pet or be ideal for an active person who loves to go on long walks.

Her foster carer says -

Bella is a golden retriever x (crossed with a sheep I think, she has a curly coat and lovely crinkly ears/tail), very affectionate and quick to learn, very good with children. Fully house trained, non-destructive, spayed. Can be dominant of other dogs in the home, although fine with other dogs when out walking, and likes to chase cats (for fun rather than anything sinister!). I can't stress enough what a lovely affectionate dog she is, she loves her cuddles and everyone always comments on how pretty she is.


Bella is -

Fully vaccinated
EU passport.


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