Friday, 6 June 2014


This is Hunny, a truly gentle and loving sweet young lady. She was abandoned in a rural location by the roadside where she waited for days for those who abandoned her to return and collect her. This of course never happened, this is Croatia where dogs are deemed vermin to use and abuse, abandon or kill as a human wishes.

She is such a sweet girl, she immediately fitted in with the other dogs in the small shelter where she was taken, totally submissive character just wanting to be friends and to play.

She is so proud of herself when she trots around with a toy in her mouth you have just thrown and is so joyous when she is paid attention to, you can see it all over her face.

This young lady needs a home, one were she will be given all the love and attention she deserves and in return she will truly be your snugglemonster wanting to share all aspects of you and your families life right there beside you.

Until our charity can afford to bring her to the UK she remains in the small shelter where she is fed, given medical care and looked after. However, because of her submissive character other dogs tend to pick on her but there is no other place to put her. So the sooner she is in her forever home the better.

This wonderful dog deserves a loving family who will be as loyal to her as she will be to them. If you are that kind of family and have room for this sweet princess please contact our charity as soon as possible

Hunny - 1.5 years of age
Fully Vaccinated
Has Own EU Pet Passport

Gets along with everyone and everything, truly the most sweetest dog you could ever wish to meet and most certainly perfect for a family home.

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