Friday, 6 June 2014

ADOPTED -ETHEL - 3 Year Old Female

ADOPTED -ETHEL - 3 Year Old Female

Ethel is a pretty girl around 3 years old who spent her whole life on the streets until now. She was abandoned since she was a puppy or born on the streets but in any case she spent her entire life in one field near Borovo,Croatia. Good people fed her almost every day, her and the rest of the strays in that area, including her son for who we are looking for accommodation too.

 Now with the help of the AAFA we managed to find this lovely petite girl a foster home and get her fully vaccinated and spayed. She is now in foster home where there are lots of cats which she ignores(probably cause they are bigger than her as she is only 4 kilos), several doggies are there to, she is a bit scared of the males but that is reasonable since being such a small female on the streets 

 It Isn't easy but she is getting  more confident about them as they are neutered and will not bother her, so we can say that she works great with all dogs, and also kids as you can see on the photos and that is just her second day in the foster home. She enjoys cuddles and sitting in the lap, this is not something that she ever had in her life but she sure does like that, and a warm comfy bed. She needs a loving, warm family where she can forget all the bad things in her life and being a homeless doggie.
Will be fully vaccinated and spayed.

Name: Ethel
Age: 3 Years
Sex: Female
Vaccinated: Not Yet
Spayed: Not Yet
Ref: Kendra Pinder

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