Friday, 6 June 2014


Emma's story, told by the wonderful people who rescued, and care for her.

To many of you who follow our work and rejoice with us to every happy adoption the news from mid October last year that our little Emma got adopted brought a huge smile to your face for no other reason but – it was Emma our little bomblet which you all watched growing up from barely two months old puppy with a cut off tail rejected in the drain along with her brother and sister, into a big cuddly, loving beauty.

On that day when her adopters came for her they promised her nothing but the best, nothing less than loads and loads of - loving, cuddling, playing and treats . The have failed her trust and rejected her . Five months later, our little Emma was found miles and miles away from her home where in search for food she attacked someone`s hens. Wearing the very same collar she proudly wore on the day her family came for her full of beautiful promises.  The adopters claim that she had fled and that they don`t care neither do they want her back because she is bad. They never registered Emma as their dog, never reported her missing. 

 A report against them has been made to a veterinary inspector hoping for a successful outcome and appropriate punishment.  Emma returned to us terribly frightened making us once again ask ourselves ... where on earth do we live?  We will not mention our wishes we have lined up for Emma's adopters because they are not worth a letter from us. They are not worthy of such a beautiful being as Emma with her endless love and willingness to share it with the world.

Emma will have her confidence in people restored and her hope for a better tomorrow and soon we will all again laugh at her escapades until her new, and this time truly forever family comes along.

Name : Emma
Gender : Female
Breed : mixed breed
Birthday: April 2013

Weight: 16kg
Vaccinated / chipped : Yes
Neutered : Yes

Location: local rescue Da Sapu! Vukovar's shelter
Ref: HR-DSV-Emma-000114


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