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ADOPTED - BIENA - UK foster - approx 2 and half years old, female Shepherd mix, needing a forever home.

ADOPTED - BIENA - UK foster - approx 2 and half years old, female Shepherd mix, needing a forever home.

Most of the dogs in Croatia and surrounding areas are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places, born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. 

Starvation being the biggest threat, plus beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money. The streets are a cruel cruel place especially in winter time. Some also suffer horrendous cruelty from so called owners and the lucky ones are taken to private shelters where they are looked after until homes can be found for them, there is also racism amongst dogs over there, yes you read right, racism, the colour of the dog or cat can determine whether it lives or dies, black ones especially as they are deemed unlucky !!!

Biena was with a carer since she was about 3 months old. She was taken there with her mother and brother, sadly she witnessed her other siblings being killed by humans or other animals before she was taken into safety.

She was traumatized by what she saw. She will get defensive or wary near other dogs until she knows they are not a threat and she is the same with people. She was fine with her carers because she knew and trusted them and also the other animals that lived in the same house. She lived in the country with cats, dogs, rabbits and goats, so she will get along with most domestic animals once she gets to know them, new dogs it takes a little longer, but she gets there in the end.

Because her carer looks after so many other animals her training time was limited, Biena loves to go for walks but can not yet be let off the leash, but with time and patience that will fall into place.

Once she trusts someone she will happily be fussed and cuddled.  An experienced dog owner or someone with experience of traumatized dogs would be more suited for Biena.
As can be seen from the picture she is fine with children and will happily let them fuss her. She is just a shy timid girl with unhappy memories that deserves the chance of a loving home.

EU passport

If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form.


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