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ADOPTED-Tweety - 19 month old - Female Croatian shepherd mix

The beautiful Tweety was found running on and around busy roads between two villages in the Osijek area of Croatia. She was terrified and very obviously confused, as well as very thin and weak.
Despite her obvious fear and confusion this lovely girl allowed a rescuer to approach her and touch her, and after just a little time she was happy to get in the rescuers car and be taken to a foster home.

Once they had a chance to look at her properly it became apparent that she was heavily pregnant. The degree of her weight loss and general condition suggested she had been wandering for some time, but
that prior to that she had lived in a home. It became obvious that this lovely girl had been thrown out, abandoned on the streets, probably because she was expecting pups. So, she had suddenly found herself alone, dumped like rubbish facing huger and the dangers of the road, with little shelter and even less food. And yet, she still found it in her heart to trust a human being.

She is currently living in a foster home with another dog and 5 cats who she got along with from the very start. She is a little nervous when she first meets a new dog, and tends to find safety behind her foster carer. But, once she has had the chance to have a sniff of the other dog and realise it won't hurt her she goes straight into wanting to play.

Tweety loves her cuddles. She loves human contact and has a very sweet (but cheeky) personality.
She now needs a forever home where she can settle and flourish.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

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