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Monday, 10 June 2013

ADOPTED-NOVA:RS nearly 4 months old female hungarian vizsla cross needing a forever home.

Nova living in a yard along with her sibblings a other dogs. Being cared for by a very poor lady, she cannot give them the full care they need financially but she does the best she can.

Nova and her sibblings are at risk of being poisoned by the neighbours as they do not like them living next to them, and this is often the way in Croatia, or throw a dog out on the street and let it fend for itself, risking starvation, beatings, injured by traffic or even tortured to death.

Nova is a shy little girl until she gets to know you, she also a little shy with other dogs at first, but once she gets over that, she soon comes round and is quite happy to play and be fussed. Nova is a smart little girl and showing signs of being a quick learner so would adopt to a family situation fairly quickly, she just needs that chance to prove it now.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel.
EU passport.
Too young to be spayed at the moment.


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