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ADOPTED HCP - Eric - 3 year old Male Labrador Cross - Beaten and Starved by his drunken owner, now rescued and desperately looking for loving family

This is Eric, a truly incredible gentle soul who most certainly is a family type dog. Getting along very well with other dogs, cats and humans of all ages. His current foster home has children and this young dog adores them and is so gentle, never phased in any way.

It would amaze you to learn why such a sweet, gentle dog would want to run away from a home that he obviously loved very much. The answer is he was beaten and starved on a regular basis by his owners despite Eric being a superbly behaved sweet boy. Nothing he could do would stop them hurting him, nothing he could do would make them love him the way he loved them.

One day after a severe beating by the drunken father he just had enough and ran, and kept running. Unfortunately because he had an owner he was returned back to them despite what they were putting this poor defenseless dog through.

Again and again this would happen, he would be beaten in a drunken rage and he would run. Spending sometimes weeks on the streets until he was found and then returned home. Then one day after spending weeks on the streets in sub zero conditions, looking like a walking skeleton who found him was a rescuer from our Croatian network. 

When she went to his home to return him she realised by what she saw there, Erics reaction to going home and what the then owners told her as though it was acceptable to beat and starve a dog just because you can. The rescuer point blank refused to hand Eric over to them.

The rescuers non profit group legally obtained Eric through based on the previous owners cruelty and neglect. Now Eric as you can see by the photos is enjoying a life without harm, without starvation. All he needs to make his life complete is a loving caring family who will appreciate and love a dog just like him.

Eric is:
Vaccinated ( including anti rabies)
Has EU Pet Passport

If you could welcome Eric into your home and let him be part of your family. To love and care for him just as he will be loyal and love your family in return then please contact our charity as soon as possible.

Ref: Adriana/Eric

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