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ADOPTED-PETRA - 6 Month Old Female Dachshund mix

This is little Petra and who is an expert in avoiding death. The story goes like this. She appeared on the street like so many others before her in a village well known for its lack of empathy, there’s nothing extraordinary in that at all. Petra lived like that for some time, happily wagging her tail at people passing by hoping someone will notice her, perhaps even take her home. 

One day as she walked by one house some people actually noticed her and took her in. She saw a big yard, loving family, warm place to sleep in and even a company of another dog. Petra was thrilled! It was the first day of her happy life and nothing can go wrong, but with that attitude alone she was wrong. Puppies dig, chew and make mess; we all know that, right? Apparently that family didn’t!

 We don’t know the unforgivable sin Petra carried out, but we know they threw her out like garbage; like she was thrown out before. Being only a puppy, she didn’t understand why, so she sat in front of the fence waiting for them to let her in. But they didn’t, what they actually did was letting their big dog on her in an attempt to kill her...

She got away somehow, wounded and afraid. An hour or two passed by, Petra was shaking and thinking that maybe, only maybe they mistaken her for someone. They loved her and wouldn’t do such a thing on purpose. Going with that, she took another walk by their house. There she was, afraid, alone and sad with last hope in her eyes begging for love. They tried to shoot her. Luckily for her, they missed. 

And that’s why Petra is an expert in avoiding death. She’s in foster care now, but only for a couple of days since the lady who contacted us and told us the story can’t take her in any longer. There’s no need to write down that she needs a home, we all know that and we all want for Petra to become an expert in giving kisses, playing and being altogether a happy as she so deserves.

Name: Petra
Gender: Female
Breed: Dachshund mixed-breed
Birth: cca February 2013.
Vacc./chipped: Yes
Spayed: Soon 

REF: Vukovar

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