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Saturday, 22 June 2013

RESERVED - FLORA approx 3 year old female Pekingese mix needing a forever home.

My name is Flora I was kept in a messy shed full of rubbish. some times I was fed, some times I was not ans when I was it was mainly pieces of bread, not very tasty but it kept me going. my owner was an old lady, she would pat me now and then, she was never cruel to me but I do not think she knew how to look after me properly.

The old lady looking after me was taken away to stay in another place and I nearly ended up on the streets with my two daughters, but another lady in the village called some nice people at the NGO and they took us in. I am pleased because you are not seen as special on the streets of Croatia and my babies would have been in great danger, they would have starved to death or been killed or eaten by bigger very hungry dogs.

One of my daughters found a home and I ended up in foster for a little while until I had been spayed, I was then sent to the shelter, I did not like it at all, the people there were nice to me, but I had found out what it was liketo stay in a warm house with good food and had a taste of being loved and held by a human, so I escaped and that was a bad move, the streets were really scary and I was frightened. Thank fully the kind lady found me and I am now back with my foster carer and learing how to "go" in the yard and not in the house as it is just not the done thing. I now walk well on a leash and can be left off the leash too I walk along side my carer and I am very well behaved. I love human company and I get along with other dogs, I just want my very own home now with a family or some one who will love and care for me and I have plenty of love to give in return.

Vaccinated to legalrequirements for travel
EU passport.


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