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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Adopted -GILL:Speranta GILL 4 month old male mixed breed needing a forever home.

Gill another case of just being thrown out with the rubbish, no longer wanted so just discarded like a piece of scrap paper, it is often the way in Romania. Too young to fend for himself, to search for food and certainly not big enough or strong enough to fend off other dogs in the search for food. His chances of survival were virtually nil, if the other dogs didn't get him, cruel humans or the traffic would.

This delightful little boy is now in a safe shelter though he would rather be in a loving home.
Gill loves to play with the other puppies sharing his kennel, he loves human company and his fusses and cuddles. He is typical pup for his age, doing what he should be doing and getting into mischief !

Gill just needs his very own loving home, a home where he will be loved, learn and grow into a handsome young man. He will enjoy learning new things and adapt very easily to a new home and in return he has oodles of love to give.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

REF: Speranta

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