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Monday, 10 June 2013

ADOPTED-In foster in UK-BRITTA:APO approx 4 month old, female Croatian shepherd/lab cross, needing a forever home.

Britta was born on the streets, to Kami. Protected by her mum and managed to survive the dangers of the streets in Osijek.

Britta was fed by the school children along with her mum, so she does not have and fear of children. She is in a safe shelter with her mum now and doing very well. She loves to play with the other pups in the shelter and has no problems with the older dogs either.
She loves to be around people and get lots of attention.

Britta is a happy healthy little girl and doing what puppies her age should be doing, playing and getting upto mischief. She would be a welcome addition to any family, she is eager to learn and young enough to train and adapt to a family situation, she just needs the chance to prove herself.

This is Brittas mum, just to give an idea of what she could be like when she grows up.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel.
EU pass port.
Too young to be spayed at the moment.


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