Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Thursday, 3 January 2013

ADOPTED-Fixi = RI 2 year old possible collie cross needing a forever home

Here is Fixi with before and after photographs, this poor girl was found after being hit by a car and suffered fractures to both her front and hind legs as you can see in the photograph. If she had been left on the streets her chances of survival were virtually nil, she has now had surgery and is recovering nicely and was a patient young lady having to cope with wearing the collar for a long long time.

Here you can see Fixi with no bandages or collars, she is almost walking perfect now and is a very friendly lively dog considering her injuries and what she has been through. There is no sign of food aggression come feeding time with the other dogs she is in care with, she is a very sociable little girl and just needs that forever home.

Fixi is fully vaccinated and spayed, will be chipped and passported ready to travel.


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