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ADOPTED-Sienna - 4 month old female. Shepherd mixed breed

Sienna's story is very sadly a common one for pups in Croatia. Her mother is owned by a family but they do not spay their females and pups are just seen as problems that can be got rid of as easily as throwing them on the street at a month old and leaving them to fend for themselves. The next time the female has pups they do the same thing.

So, at 1 month old Sienna and her 4 siblings were separated from their mother, taking from the only home they knew and thrown on the street. The owners didn't care if they lived or died, as to them these pups are not their problem. Imagine how alone, scared, confused and hungry these little ones were. We can only imagine the heart break they went through at that time, with no food or shelter.

The five pups were found by someone who gave them food and water and a small box for shelter but could not take them home. Luckily after a few days a local rescue group heard about them and one of their team went to get Sienna and her siblings and took them to safety.

When they were rescued they were all very weak and hungry and it is testament to the love and care that the rescuer gave them, and their own strength of character that all five survived. Slowly they became stronger and the brightness returned to their eyes.

Her three brothers have found forever homes but Sienna and her sister remain. They now need someone to offer them the home they so deserve. They are both typical puppies full of mischief and fun, loving play and cuddles. They just adore attention and despite all they have been through they love being around their human friends.
They are growing in strength and in personality but need to be somewhere they can call 'home' forever, where they can meet their full potential as the wonderful companions they will become.

Sienna is :

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

She is not spayed yet due to her age but this will be done prior to her travelling.


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