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Thursday, 13 June 2013

RESERVED-INA: ADOPTEDAO 3 month old female mixed breed needing a forever home.

At the tender age of 3 months Ina has already had far more than her fair share of hardship and suffering. She was one of 7 surviving pups found wandering and trying to survive around a train depot, struggling to find food and shelter with no sign of her mother who had either been taken away or sadly had been killed. So, at this young age Ina knew the pain and despair of abandonment and the fear of life amongst the many dangers that surrounded her,  including the moving trains that were such a risk to her and the other pups.

They had each other, which at least helped with the loneliness but they were getting weaker every day in body and in spirit. Some days they had to deal with seeing and hearing one of their group being hit by a train and killed or badly injured. They had to live with the fearful sounds of the trains and the heartbreaking sounds of dogs lying injured crying in pain after they had been hit by one of these terrifying machines.

Luckily for the 7 that were left a rescuer did come along and after being in foster and getting the good food, good care and love that they needed they are now all doing very well. They have gained weight, gained confidence and Ina has certainly learnt how to use her ‘puppy charm’ on everyone around her.

Despite her very troubled beginnings Ina is exactly how you would expect a pup of her age to be. Full of mischief, full of fun, full of cheek ..and full to overflowing with love for everything around her on two legs or four. She desperately needs a forever home now, somewhere she can continue to grow in stature and personality, where she can reach her potential as the wonderful pet and companion she will become.  She adores people (just warn visitors they might be licked to death) and she gets on well with other dogs.  Now she needs someone to share all that love with.

Please help Ina live the life she so deserves and offer this wonderful girl the home she needs.

Prior to transport Ina will be

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel Dewormed Deflead Chipped SpayedEU passport


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