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Saturday, 23 March 2013

ADOPTED-Mada - 10 month old female small size mixed breed needing a forever home

Mada was taken to the Radauti public dog shelter by the vile dog catchers when she was only 2 months of age. 

Surviving on the streets of Romania at such a young age, she had literally no chance of survival, facing starvation, or being killed by the older more aggressive dogs in fights for food.

Even more likely as is the way in Romania she would have been a target for those who detest the sight of dogs and used to abuse and torture before dying a horrible and painful death

Mada is a loving sweet girl who just desperately wants a home of her own, she enjoys human company and gets on well with other dogs.

Mada is :
Fully vaccinated ( Including anti rabies)
Has her very own Full EU Pet Passport

She will be in her UK foster home in 2 weeks


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