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ADOPTED HCP- Ares, 1 year old male, retriever mix. In Foster in UK

When you look at the above picture of Ares you can see in his eyes the intelligence and the love that this handsome boy has. He is very different in looks now to how he was when he was found on the street starving, with matted coat and no life in his eyes. Born on the street his first few months were very hard because there is very little shelter and even less food. His mother will have scavenged for as much to eat as possible, but if she couldn't get enough her milk would not have been nourishing enough .. and at these times Ares would have gone very hungry himself. It is also a very frightening place to grow up. As there is so little food the bigger dogs will attack the more submissive smaller dogs and even the pups so Ares would have seen, and heard a lot of fighting and a lot of the sounds of dogs in pain, and even dying. 

We will never know what happened to his mother, we only know that one very sad day he will have seen her alive for the very last time. On a cold and very wet day there was no sign of her, just Ares wandering alone and local people who had seen them together in the past realised she had gone.

 Ares had suffered loss, heartache, fear and hunger but still he showed no aggression to the local people or other dogs.

Having gone through all that he has it would be understandable to believe that life could not get worse for Ares, but it has ! He has now been picked up by the dog catchers and thrown into a kennel full of other dogs in the pound. There is very little food and Ares is not a fighter so he sits back and lets the other dogs fight for it .. picking up whatever scraps he can find when they have finished. Tragically being in this pound also means he is on Death Row. These pounds are not there to care for the dogs they are 'holding places' where dogs like Ares are kept until their date of death comes around. Those who are lucky get adopted in time for them to be saved and Ares is running out of time despite the fact he has so much love to give and has such a good soul.

Ares's Death Date is the 20th July, so we have until 19th to find him a home and get this poor little fella out of that place.

As a charity that helps thousands of animals every year in various ways, we just do not have the resources or foster homes to take all the dogs from death row. All we and our network of rescuers/carers can do is visit the dogs every day, feed them and make sure they are well whilst we try frantically to find each one a home. We get all dogs ready to travel in the hope that they will find homes in time.

He loves people. Once a week local people are allowed to take the dogs for a walk and they get the biggest greeting of all from this lovely gentle boy. Young or old, male or female he accepts all into his life and revels in the cuddles and fusses he receives. But now he desperately needs to be saved and to have the chance of happiness every day of his life. he needs a family that will give him a place he can call 'home' for the rest of his life. Surely after all he has been through and the strength he has shown, this would be the only ending for him that is just and right.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

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