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ADOPTION-Mia - 4 month old shepherd mix

Mia is only 4 months old and yet she has suffered immense heartache and loss. Her and her sister where torn from their mother by their mother's cruel and heartless owner who obviously did not want pups in his home and who didn't care what happened to these helpless souls. Not only were they torn from their mother, they were then abandoned to the streets, left like rubbish on the side of a road. If they lived, or died the owner didn't care.

With only the scraps of food they could scavenge, very little to drink, and little shelter available the two of them relied on each other for warmth and comfort. Both were scared, hungry and confused by what had happened to them. Then, some decent local people found them and reported them to a local rescue who went to get them and took them into foster. They were treated for fleas and worms, given food and water and given a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

Despite the hardships they had faced, with the care and love of their foster carer it took only a few days for them to regain their strength .. and their zest for life. They played as all pups should, and found great pleasure in eachother's company and in the company of their foster parent. Play, fusses and cuddles were enjoyed by them equally and life was suddenly good again.

Mia's sister has now been adopted which has left Mia without her sister for the first time in her life.
Luckily Mia has remained happy and playful and loves to explore and get into mischief. She especially enjoys it when more human company arrives, especially if they bring another dog along so she can have some proper doggy play time.

Mia now needs a forever home where she can settle and flourish knowing she will never have to move again. She is full of love and joy which she needs to be able to share with a family of her own.
This little girl has been through so much loss and change that it is time for her to be able to find the long term love and care she so deserves.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport
Not spayed yet due to age.

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