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Thursday, 28 February 2013

ADOPTED-ROXANE:SP ROXANE 4 month old female possible working dog cross needing a forever home

Most of the dogs in Romania are either dumped on the streets, dumped in public shelters which are horrendous places, born on the streets having to fend for themselves and face all kinds of dangers. Starvation being the biggest, beatings, torture, being hit by cars or even killed for money. The streets are a cruel cruel place especially winter time. Some also suffer horrendous cruelty from so called animal loving owners and the lucky ones are taken to private shelters they are looked after until homes can be found for them.

Roxane abandoned on the streets with her siblings, simply left to die of starvation if the older wiser dogs did not kill them first, or the were hit by traffic.

They were taken to a private shelter to be cared for, they share a kennel with many many other puppies.

Roxane is a healthy playful little pup.Doing what pups do and getting into everything.

She loves being around people and other dogs and just loves to play.

With being so young she will fit into any family environment, though a family with children over 7 would be advised as puppies can be rather boistrous.

vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

If you
can offer or are interested in offer this furbaby a home, please CLICK HERE to read our adoption procedure and fill out contact form


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