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Saturday, 1 June 2013

ADOPTED-BOBI - Male 4 years old. Small Pekingese cross.

This is Bobi (Bobby). The name Bobi  is synonymous for love, loyalty and true friendship and this handsome boy lives up to his name in every way.

Bobi used to have a home. But, as so often happens, one day his owners decided they didn't want him any more. Bobi found himself thrown on the streets to survive alone. This lovely boy went from the safety of a home to the dangers and heartache of a life alone on the streets in a heart beat. He was left hungry, frightened and confused by people who had simply 'had enough of him'.

Bobi is being taken care of by a rescue in Croatia but he desperately needs a forever home where he can once again know what it feels like to be loved and cared for and where he need worry about an empty stomach no more.

It is a testament to Bobi's character that despite all the heartbreak human beings have caused him he still loves people and trusts them. He revels in any attention he is given and loves being fussed over and cuddled. He just wants to be in a home where he knows the love and care he will be given will be forever.  He understands that the people who take care of him and many other dogs to take care of aswell .. he just waits patiently for the time when he can have his own family.

Bobi is

Fully Vaccinated (Inc Anti rabies and going through the 21 day quarantine period)
Has own EU Pet Passport

To be fostered in Staffordshire but we welcome potential adopters from all across the UK

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