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Monday, 10 June 2013

ADOPTED-FOXY:RS nearly 4 months olds male hungarian vizsla mix, needing a forever home.

Foxy living in a yard along with his sibblings and other dogs.  they are at risk of being poisoned by a neighbours because they do not like living next to them. This is the way in Croatia, if a dogs is not wanted it is either thrown on the streets to face starvation, beatings, torture, killed in road accidents or even killed for money. Then there are the public shelters, which are over run, under staffed and under funded, very little food, so the dogs fight for food all the time and some will even fight to the death. the lucky ones end up in public shelters or foster, or even aback yard, like foxy.

The lady looking after Foxy is doing the best she can, but can not give them the life she wants to for financial reasons, but at least he is not in a death camp or on the streets.

Foxy is a timid little boy but comes round quickly to fusses and cuddles. He is a bright intelligent little lad and eager to learn, he does protect his food, so he can be a little food aggressive, but apart from that he is very loving towards people and other dogs.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel.
EU passport.
Too young to be neutered at the moment.


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