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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ADOPTED-ALAN 4 month old male shepherd mix needing a forever home.

This handsome young man was found on the streets of Romania when just 6 weeks old. His chances of survival were virtually nil, far too young to fend for himself and look for food, no chance of defending himself against the dangers of the streets, traffic, older wiser street dogs and the humans, there  are some very cruel humans who think nothing of beating dogs to death, poisoning them or even torturing them just for the hell of it. Alan was also a good target for the bigger starving dogs on the streets, these dogs will literally eat their own they are that hungary. The weak, ill and younger one do not stand a chance.

Thank fully Alan is now safe, he was in foster for a while but the now he now in an adoption center looking for his forever home.

Alan is a sociable little boy, gets along with dogs and children of all ages. Loves to be fussed and cuddle and a very friendly playful young man indeed. He just desperately wants a home he can call his own, where he can give all the love he has to a family that he can call his own. Please give this boy a chance and offer him a loving home.

Fully vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
EU pass port

REF: Alexandra Ionescu

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