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Sunday, 28 July 2013

ADOPTED-APOLLO mixed breed, possible terrier in there some where, 6 to 7 months old male. Needing a forever home.

This little boy was sadly no longer wanted by his owners husband, he had decided he no longer wanted Apollo so he had to go. fortunately he went into one of the very over crowded foster homes  rather than see him in a public shelter or on the streets. The streets and shelters is a very harsh life indeed for these young dogs.Very little food to go round, very little human contact and living in constant fear from the the older and bigger dogs. fights break out over space and food in the shelters and the weaker ones in turn risk being torn to shreds.

Apollo is a lovely friendly boy, living with children, other dogs, chickens and cats. He loves to be in the car and travels very well. He is a playful adorable little boy, he just loves every one. He would fit in well into any family home, he just wants that family home, a home he can call his own.

Apollo has oodles of love and affection to give. He will thrive in a loving home, please offer this little boy that forever loving home.

Fuly vaccinatd to legal requirements for travel
EU passport

REF: Adriana

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