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Sunday, 23 June 2013

ADOPTED-BLACKY 18 month old Croatian shepherd male needing a forever home.

Blacky, living on the streets of Vukovar Croatia relying on the good will of the people to feed him. Life on the straights is not a good one and very dangerous, these dogs face starvation, beatings, torture or even killed for money, then are the dangers of traffic, many dogs are left seriously injured, dying or dead at the side of the rad after being hit by traffic.

So far Blacky has been lucky, volunteers go out to feed him and keep an eye on him. They have gained his trust enough to allow them to stroke him and fuss him.

Blacky is a cheerfull, friendly confident boy, a very street wise boy who has an eye for the ladies, he is very protective of female dogs. He gets along with males but he lets them know who is boss when there are females around. Blacky will need an experience owner, a home with a very secure garden as he is not used to being confined in a yard or garden. Blacky has never known what a home environment is like, he will have to be shown this. Blacky deserves a good home with the right owner.

He needs a family who will love him and care for him, a family who he can love back in return.He just needs that chance. This beautiful boy does not deserve to spend the rest of his life on the streets, with some time and patience and an owner who is prepared to work with him he could become the perfect companion.

Blacky will be :

EU passport
Ready to travel if an interest is show in him and some one wants to give him hos first ever proper home.


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