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ADOPTED-Kate - 3 year old female - Alpine dachsbracke

My name is Kate. I was once owned by a breeder. Over here breeders are not nice people at all. I wasn't looked after very well at all. I had no love or care, I was just used so that my babies could be sold to make money for the people that kept me. I guess one day though my owner didn't think I could breed very good puppies anymore and me and my lovely mother (who looks just like me) we thrown onto the street.

Me and my lovely mother

I was found by a local rescue group on a factory dumping site. My mother and I were starving by then and very thin, I remember well how scared and confused we both were. I was very afraid of humans and felt so sad .. I had almost given up any hope. When the lovely people from the rescue tried to pat me gently I was very confused .. I always thought humans hurt people, I didn't know they could be kind sometimes.

The rescue group were trying to find me a foster home but while they were doing this they found out we had been adopted but it was too late, we had been taken to the local pound. In this pound there was hardly any food or water. Once again no one cared for us really and worse still we were on a time limit .. before long we were going to die at the hands of the people who ran the pound. By now we looked even worse than before. We were infested with everything that crawls, jumps and sucks blood on the outside or inside that could possibly live on such a small broken body as my own.

And then we were given new hope. A lovely foster mother came to get us. At first we were terrified of what she did to us .. she gave us a bath !!!!  Now of course I know that by doing this she was starting our road to recovery. Then she took us to the vet to be spayed. I knew how we had been treated by the breeder but I could tell my human friends that. But, when the vet opened us up to spay us they quickly learnt what we had been through as well. Inside there was a mess. The mess was from our past owner  pumping us with hormones so we could reproduce more.

There were cysts and one point the vet wasn't sure my mother would survive. My aunty foster was lying on the floor next to her,looking at her half closed eyes, repeating over and over "hold on, you  have no idea what beautiful things await you, don't give up now sweetie". I did my best to be as quiet as possible, sitting next to my almost lifeless mother' licking her face gently from time to time. After a  few hours she began wagging her tail again, we couldn't believe it and were so happy !!!!

I already like this new pat the head, feed me regularly, no rape life.  My spirit was almost broken, but I am still in there, opening up bit by  bit every day. I wag my tail almost all the time, even when I walk around. I am enjoying every minute of it. I will look you in the eye, but I am still quite shy, so I will give you eye contact just for a moment,  but then look away again. But this is also getting better as I am learning that some humans are actually very very good people.

I am nice to  all other dogs, there is no aggression in me whatsoever. I adore humans, and I do love their company although I am still a little afraid. But, I am willing to let that go if they keep
treating me nicely. And cats? Well that is a special story. I am not aggressive toward them, perhaps a little too anxious to play and if they run so do I. But I don't want to hurt them .. I just love running and playing. But my foster finds it very funny because if a cat shows me her bad face I run in fear.

I will follow you around, making sure to be close enough that if you leave your hand hanging from the chair, my forehead will fill it in an  instant. You can take food out of my mouth if you want, but please don't for I will be very sad. And in time...I will adore the ball, and get used to the leader...I promise you that!   

I am
Vaccinated to legal requirements for travel
Already spayed
EU passport

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